About the author

I have been referred to as a 'Technical Designer' - my skillset crosses the traditional boundaries of 'Artist' or 'Technician', where I am able to comfortably work in both roles. On any given day, you can just as easily find me knee deep debugging code as rigging / UV'ing models or editing video. In a past life, I was the CTO of Helios Interactive providing the technical direction for the GameCore engine and priort to that I was the Founder & CEO of the Gekido Design Group (a small Vancouver, Canada-based Indie studio). Most recently, I am the founder of Super Mega Awesome Games (http://supermegawesome.com). My personal website thing is over at http://mikewuetherick.com and you can find me lurking on twitter and various other places around the internet under the 'gekido' pseudonym.

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